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We are passionate about the arts - film, feature television, and photography are some of our favourites. Creative mediums are an excellent path to information and healing. Films and special feature television are not only entertaining but content can be educational as well as inspiring. On the PB Blog you'll find reviews and information on some of our favorite films and other educational tools that support good health. Recently I discovered several great movies featuring informative mental health content.

The film summarized below got some good dinner conversation going in my house.
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"Erasing Hate" is the story of Bryon Widner journey to leave the skinhead movement. The film documents his struggle with change and the challenges that he faces dealing with his choices from the past. The honesty and raw emotion make for a gripping tale. Steve was willing to undergo change internally and externally to make a new life. Many of my clients and families face the challenges of change everyday and this film helps to show how a tough road can be conquered. You can check out the movie website at I watched the movie via Netflix.
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Erasing Hate